Meikle Bin (570m)

Saturday 23rd December 2017

Distance: 15kms - Duration: 5hrs - Group Size: 9

Walk Leader - Ian

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A final walk before the Christmas festivities, and the weather was certainly wintery, if not quite the snow to make it a white Christmas.

No one was in any hurry, so it was a very leisurely walk as we wound our way up through the forest on the broad track heading away from the shoreline of the reservoir and up towards the forest boundary on the slopes of Meikle Bin. A little confused at first, as the forecast was for fairly strong winds, and certainly these were evident as we drove up the hillside to Todholes, but here, in the forest, all was calm, and even the higher tree-tops seemed quite still.

But, nothings ever as it seems; the moment we left the shelter of the forest and onto the open hillside the wind was very evident, strong, and bringing with it a coolness that warranted gloves and hats to fend off the cold. The wind, together with a darkening sky and low mist soon reduced visibility to our immediate surroundings, denying us the anticipated views of the reservoir and glens that are so prominent from this fine hill top.

We did not linger on the summit, but headed downhill towards the forest boundary to the south, heading for the narrow gap in the trees that Ian and I had recce'd only a couple of weeks before. A quick check on the compass, just to ensure the correct descent route, and soon the trees began to appear through the mist.

Once into the forest, the dark skies made it a dull and darkened place, as we made our way along the overgrown firebreak towards the forest track a few hundred metres through the forest. Here, once again sheltered from the wind by the trees, we continued along the track to Burnhouse, a clearing in the forest, where presumably there was at one time a few dwellings which have long since disappeared, and here we took our first break for some welcome refreshments.

Beyond Burnhouse, we continued to wind our way through the forest until the track drops down for the final section which runs along the shores of the reservoir and back to Todholes, where, as short drive away we enjoyed a leisurely coffee in the welcoming community centre at Fintry.

A fine walk to end the year - Thanks Ian.

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