Beinn Ime (1011m)

Sunday 29th October 2017

Distance: 15kms - Duration: 5hrs 30mins - Group Size: 13

Walk Leader - Mhairi

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We may have completed our objective in reaching the summit of Beinn Ime, but it was not quite as planned. Our intention was to start from Glen Croe and climb via Coire Croe to Bealach a'Mhaim and thence to the summit. However, the usual parking areas in Glen Croe were inaccessible due to construction work and the unexpected corralling of livestock around the layby; and so it was onto "Plan B". We would make our start from Succoth and traverse the zigzags and the Cobbler path to link up with our intended route at Bealach a'Mhaim. The down side of this change would mean an additional 6kms onto the distance; the plus side being that we would be on good track rather than the rough hillside and peat hags in Coire Croe.

The weather was brilliant, clear blue skies, a light breeze, a little cool but everything pointed to this being a fine autumnal day; what a contrast to last weeks miserable weather on Beinn Dorain. And so it proved to be, a fine walk up Coire a'Bhalachain with the Cobbler and Beinn Narnain looking splendid in the sunshine, and as we crested the rise to Bealach a'Mhaim and had our first views of Beinn Ime, it too splendid in a haze of blue sky.

Across the bealach and onto the broad, grassy slopes of Beinn Ime we started the final climb towards the summit, the initial section being slightly wet and boggy before reaching good solid ground on the final approach to the summit, passing just below the top of the 990m knoll before reaching the prominent cairn and shelter stone of the 1011m summit. We were spoilt for views, it was just one of those days, where ever we looked it was clear skies and great visibility; and so it remained as we spread ourselves around a rocky section just below the cairn and slightly sheltered from the cool wind for a leisurely lunch break. Just lovely.

Departing the summit, we retraced our steps for a simple return to Succoth, taken very much at an individual pace which soon had us spread all along the track, the hares striding ahead while we tortoises took a more leisurely wander back down the track. Surprisingly though, our overall time for the extended distance was just slightly longer that our intended timings for an approach from Glen Croe, and we were all back at Succoth before sunset.

A fine hill in brilliant sunshine - Thanks Mhairi.

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