Carn Liath (976m)

Saturday 29th September 2018

Distance: 10kms - Duration: 5hrs - Group Size: 13

Walk Leader - Ian

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Just A Moment in Time

September time in the Perthsire hills
With boots and maps they all dis roam
The hand of man was clearly seen
Across the peat filled bogs and streams
Our eyes were fixed on the path ahead
The boulders layered to aid our tread
On up we strolled through heather bells
Our poles and packs and hats would tell
The story of a windy day
Be brave they said, wind speed is high
Stay close together step by step
Beware the scree, the twists, the turns
Keep plodding upwards to the cairn
Where shelter waits to ease the strain
Of buffeting clous, no sign of rain
And so our day was classed by all
A time to share the distant scene
Of rolling moor and loch and glen
A great day out on Carn Liath
The grey rocky hill.


What else can I add, simply to say, thanks Fiona for penning this little ditty, of a great day on Carn Liath, our chosen hill for the Saturday of our weekend away at Blair Atholl, followed in the evening by a fine meal in the comfort of the Blair Atholl Hotel, well deserved after a blustery day on the hills.

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